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Different from many online selling portal we promote listings placed with us with a proactive approach.

We personally focus in on property buyers by utilizing multiple online marketing channels available in modern time to increase the exposure of your property for sale. This expands the market in which your property is seen and increases exposure to more qualified individuals and corporate buyers
We take a proactive approach to selling your real estate, project or business on the international market

Selling a property requires a lot of communication and documentation, emails, phone calls, messaging forward and back. Tradek Properties will answer calls well outside of traditional business hours to ensure the success of your property sale. We field inquiries and handle the preliminary and behind-the-scenes work so that the process can remain organized and have the resources needed to sell your property

Instead of simply listing your property on a website and waiting for buyers to contact us like normal listing websites do, we actively keep in touch with qualified buyers when we have a property that meets their requirements.

We also contact prospective buyers through different online means on a daily basis. This process increases the likeliness that your property will sell quicker.

We know also how important confidentiality can be in many case when you sell a real estate. Our own website is secured using SSL Certificate. And all your information provided is secure and will be treated as strictly confidential

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This site is secured using SSL Certificate. All your information provided is secure and will be treated as strictly confidential 

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