Avoid Procuring Cause in Sale of Real Estate


Seller, by ticking the box on the SELL FORM CONTACT PAGE you agree that you read and understand the Procuring Cause Terms

Buyer, by ticking the box on the BUYER CONTACT FORM you agree that you read and understand the Procuring Cause Terms

What does Procuring Cause Terms mean? 

It is simple a expression what can cause a conflict later when the broker have to proof that agent or broker  worked for a seller or buyer and that the agent/broker should have right to receive commission from the seller for the work the agent/broker have done. 

So these procuring terms are not about buyer or investor. It is an issue to be solved between the agent/broker and the seller, or person having a property for sale.

It is simple like this: If seller is working with several other agent/brokers, it is important to clarify who will receive the commission. According to the procuring cause law it states that the agent/broker who successfully negotiates and initiates a buyer that leads to a sale of the property, that agent/broker is to receive commission for the sale.

With this agreement the seller understand and hereby agree that agent/broker will use a act of proof when this initial buyer first time contacted agent/broker by submitting the request on this website. If this first time buyer is the person or company that is lead to buy this property, then the agent/broker in this agreement have right to receive the commission for the sale of the property.

The commission is ALWAYS paid by the owner or seller. The commission is never paid by the buyer or the investor. The reason we need the buyer, investor or the seller to register, is that this info you submitted in our contact forms is simple given the us the agent/broker a proof that you contacted us on that date, we can show to seller or other participants later if case arise of a procuring cause with another agent/broker and seller. 

Emails between seller, buyer also proofs we have been conducting promotion for this property and working to find a buyer for the property the buyer submitted an request to us as agent/broker. But you as buyer is free from any claims or conflicts in these matters. It is simply a agent/broker, other broker, agent, seller issue.

By ticking the boxes on our contact forms about Procuring Cause you agreed you read and understand what we use your submitted info for