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Residency and Citizenship


What is RBI, Citizenship or Golden Visa Programs?

Residence by Investment government programs (RBI) and CIP Citizenship are government approved programs and therefore ways to offer you a permanent Residency or Citizenship with passport in that Country against an investment in a approved property like an apartment or villa/house.

Several countries we work with offers these programs in Europe and Caribbean

These countries we work with SPAIN | GREECE | CYPRUS | ANTIGUA | GRENADA have the most suitable programs in Europe and Caribbean that we can offer and therefore help you in the process obtaining this residency or citizenship when you purchase a real estate through

This means you can purchase a real estate and at the same time apply for a residency or citizenship in that country.

We have specialized us on these countries along the coast in the Mediterranean and in Caribbean and selected the most suitable places for these programs

You can buy one, two or several real estate

You can live in them if you need or rent them out to also make money of the investment.

If you have a family you can put kids in school and have the benefits of European education system, lifestyle and EU health system.

At same time it allows you to freely travel in Europe…

without hassle of getting a Visa each time.

RBI schemes offer a path to future citizenship usually after five years depending on the country.


Most programs do not require you to live or move permanently in the country

These government programs are named by many terms like RBI, CBI schemes, Investor visas, Immigrant investor program and Golden Visa. 

Countries we work with like Antigua and Grenada also offers Passport when investing in real estate in those countries, these are then called Citizenship By Investment, CIP / CBI.

Restricted Nation List for Citizenship

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