Flat Maisonette Penthouse Duplex Town House WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?


Flat, Apartment, Townhouse, House Of Character, Maisonette ... What's the difference?

What is the difference between a Flat and an Apartment?

This One surely confuses most of us but really there is no difference. An apartment which is in American English is just the same as a flat which is in UK English.

What is the difference between Maisonette and Apartment?

A Maisonette has its own separate entrance. An Apartment has common parts sharing with other tenants of the building.

What is a Solitary Maisonette?

A solitary maisonette is a maisonette overlying garage/garages, where not all garages have to belong to the owner of the maisonette. Solitary Maisonettes have their own roof and airspace.

What is a Duplex Maisonette?

A Duplex Maisonette is a two story maisonette.

What is a Penthouse?

A penthouse is an apartment on the top of the building, usually with a large front terrace and typically with a smaller back terrace. It also has its own airspace.

What is the difference between Town House and Terraced house?

Town houses are older, having more than one floor and usually include many original features such as Maltese balconies from the outside, and patterned tiles, wooden beams and high ceilings from the inside. Town houses are mainly built with traditional limestone. 

If you want to buy a Town House and would like to renovate it, it is possible, but you have to preserve the front of the house in its original state (with balconies and traditional features).

Terraced houses are not so old, also having more than one floor and usually having a back garden or a terrace. If you buy a Terraced house and would like to renovate it completely in a different style, you can do so without any obstructions as long as development regulations are respected.

Both Town houses and Terraced houses can have their own garage, and both have their own roof.

What is the difference between Town House and House of Character?

A House of Character is significantly older than a Town House and fully built from old stone, having very thick walls, and usually having a central courtyard and with a well in the middle of the house. Some very old Houses of Character have a well in the living room. 

Houses of Character where originally built to cater for big families, with many smaller rooms. They have large floor tiles made of stone called "cangatura" or flagstones. Although both types of properties have many original features, what mainly differs them is age and construction.

What is the difference between Land, Plot and Site?

A land is a term describing the agricultural land, therefore it is outside building scheme. 

A Plot is a piece of land inside a building scheme and can be developed. 

Lastly, a site can be a piece of land for development with permits or existing object which can be dropped and developed again.