Residency or Citizenship?


What is the difference between residency and citizenship by investment in Spain? 

These details differ from country to country, the below info is regarding Spain


Holding an EU long-term permanent residence permit allows you to stay on as a resident in Spain while retaining your own nationality and passport. As a Spanish permanent resident, you can enjoy most of the same benefits as Spanish citizens. You must, however, be able to fulfill certain conditions. This includes being able to support yourself financially. You can move around the EU for limited periods, and longer with permission

The Visa program gives automatic residency to anyone investing over €500,000 (cash, no mortgage) in a Spanish property.

This gives you the right to reside in Spain and travel freely within the Schengen Zone, consisting of 26 European countries

But with the residency you will not be able to work or gain benefits that the Spanish state offers.


You will enjoy all the same rights as other Spanish citizens. In addition, you will become a citizen of the EU, meaning you are free to move around within it. You can also vote in European elections. 

Are you willing to apply for citizenship by investment? Remember that the spanish golden visa is one of the many ways to obtain Spanish nationality. After 10 years of residing legally in Spain, the investor will be eligible for citizenship. 

Citizenship grants a person the same rights as any Spanish national. So after 5 years of a successful Residency Visa term you can convert the Visa for a further 5 years of residency, after which you can apply for full citizenship (subject to certain conditions being met). If the application is successful then a Spanish Passport will also be issued.

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