Buyers looking for larger houses due to coronavirus


During this corona virus - forced quarantine, many people that have been confined to stay in small apartments in the city, without views, without a swimming pool or without a balcony or terrace, the situation is encouraging them to look for a bigger house with better features.

In the rental market in Spain, contacts to rent chalets have increased on average by 14% , especially in towns bordering the country's large cities. Above all, they are looking for larger houses, common areas and better characteristics.

According to research about this, the increase in interest in renting a villa in the neighboring municipalities of large cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Malaga or Bilbao since the decree of the state of alarm in Spain on March 15 and until 1 May compared to the period prior to the measures taken to fight the coronavirus.

In the city ​​of Madrid , the interest in renting a chalet under 4% during the period of confinement, while in other areas of the Sierra de la Comunidad de Madrid, such as El Escorial or Guadarrama, contacts have doubled in recent months . Along with the idea of ​​living in a chalet in the mountains, interest in this type of housing has also multiplied in other municipalities in the southern belt of Madrid such as Fuenlabrada, Leganés and Parla.

The average price of a rental in El Escorial is around 1,660 euros, while in Navacerrada they can be found for 900 euros, when in the capital there is an average price of 3,800 euros per month, with data from the first quarter of 2020. 

Leases Media in the southern areas of Madrid range from 1,100 to 1,500 euros on average. In the areas where the highest rents are located such as Ciudalcampo (4,400 euros / month) or Pozuelo de Alarcón (4,000 euros / month), contacts have increased by 24% and 13%, respectively.

In the municipality of Barcelona , contacts to rent chalets increased by 19% between the post-vine * covid-19 and precovid-19 period.

In other towns in the Catalan province, contacts have skyrocketed, especially in the coastal areas of Malgrat de Mar, Calella, Torelló or Canet de Mar. Average prices in these municipalities range from 1,100 to 1,600 euros per month.

Nor has it declined in interest to rent a villa in the most expensive areas of Barcelona, ​​such as Gironella (5,250 euros / month), San Pol de Mar (4,467 euros / month) or Esplugues de Llobregat (4,251 euros). In the Barcelona metropolitan area, the areas where interest has increased the most have been Sant Vicenç Dels Horts, Barberà del Vallès and Hospitalet de Llobregat. Their average prices range from 1,430 for the former to 1,800 for the latter.

The city ​​of Valencia , for its part, saw an increase in interest in the rental of chalets by 21% during the period of confinement. There, the average price during the first quarter of the year was almost 2,100 euros per month. Ahead of the Turia city, interest grew in towns such as Requena, Massamagrell or Moncada. The average prices of these medium-sized municipalities range from 390 in Requena to 1,120 in Moncada.

Of the largest towns in the province, Torrent (18%), Gandía (7%) and Paterna (39%) also saw an increase in contacts for renting chalets, where prices range from 1,160 euros / month in Gandía to 2,045 euros Paterna.

The Valencian municipalities where interest has increased during confinement and have the most expensive prices are Canet d'En Berenguer (2,943 euros / m2) or Godella (2,908 euros / m2).

Finally, in the province of Malaga , the largest percentage increase in contacts for renting a villa occurred in small regions such as Pizarra, El Borge or Casabermeja where contacts doubled, but their leases did not exceed 1,000 euros. In other large towns such as Torremolinos (71%), Ronda (28%) or Rincón de la Victoria (25%), the interest in renting a villa was higher than that registered in Malaga capital (17%). An average rent in the capital is around 1,380 euros / month.

The highest rents in Malaga, and where contacts have increased, are in Benahavís (3,978 euros / month) with an increase of 29%. Other highlights such as Estepona (1,985 euros / month) or Mijas (1,821 euros / month) have also seen interest increase by 13% and 5%, respectively.