For Sale Condos - Villas

Luxury Villas & Condos 

Grenada Real Estate Investment

Government approved CBI real estate to invest in to obtain Citizenship by Investment. You can also after apply for a easier way to enter USA for business with E-2 USA Visa

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What do I get investing in a hotel share or real estate?

  • Citizenship with a physical passport able to travel Visa free to over 140 countries including UK and much more

What type of investment is this?

  • Freehold Whole Ownership Single Title

What is this investment best for?

  • Owning and living in the property and also obtaining Citizenship with a passport and opportunity to also apply for E-2 USA Visa

What is the minimum investment amount?

  • Investment for Citizenship in Grenada is from 220 000 $ + government and processing fees, but these Villas & Condos we present here are priced at approx 871 000 $ for a luxury Condo and approx 2 621 000 $ for a luxury Villa which gives full ownership of the property for the investor together with the Citizenship & Passport

What is approximately total cost for a family of 4 persons?

  • Please contact for more info