Citizenship in Grenada

What will an Investment in this Real Estate give you?

  • Entitled to apply for Citizenship of Grenada
  • Visa Free Travel to over 140 countries including EU, United Kingdom, China, Russia etc
  • Spouse, children, siblings and parents may be included in one citizenship application (subject to various eligibility conditions)
  • Ability to resell the Real Estate investment after 5 years to another individual who may also apply for citizenship, with the original investor maintains his Citizenship
  • The ability to apply for a US E-2 Visa. This is a key advantage, a Citizen of Grenada upon making a further investment (c. USD200,000) in the US, can invest and reside in the US. A US E-2 Visa typically has a six week approval process and is becoming a recognized alternative to EB5 (given the impending price increase and the backlog, up to 10 years for certain nationalities).

Benefits this investment will give you

  • Dual citizenship is permitted without any requirement to notify the applicant's home country
  • Citizenship is for life for the investor and he can also bring spouse, unmarried siblings over 18 and children under age of 30 and parents to the application
  • Only Grenada's CBI program among Caribbean CBI jurisdictions that gives Citizens opportunity to participate in the USA E-2 Visa Program, which allows investors the opportunity to invest and reside in the United States
  • Citizens of Grenada may travel Visa-Free to more than 130 countries, including the United Kingdom, Russia, China, Schengen European countries and many other
  • Applicants are not required to visit or reside in Grenada
  • Grenada's passports are issued within approximately 90 to 120 days of filing an application
  • A tax-efficient jurisdiction
  • Citizenship includes full residency status and the right to work in Grenada
  • Exit options provide the ability to realize capital gain and income generation on investment after a 5 year holding period

What type of investment are offered in Grenada?

  • Share Investments in a new Hotel under construction
  • Freehold Whole Ownership Single Title in Real Estate you can live in or rent out

What is this investment in Grenada best for?

  • Obtaining Citizenship and also opportunity to also apply for E-2 USA Visa

What is the minimum investment amount?

  • Investment for Citizenship in Grenada is from 220,000$ + government and processing fees

What is approximately total cost for a family of 4 persons?

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What is a USA E-2 Visa Program and how can I benefit from it?

  • Grenada is the only Caribbean CBI jurisdiction that allows economic citizens the opportunity to participate in the U.S. E-2 Program (allowing investors to invest and reside in the United States)
  • Expeditious: The E-2 visa process can usually be completed within a couple of months
  • Affordable: An E-2 compatible visa investment starts from around USD 100,000$
  • Flexible: Investors can establish a new businesses, purchase an existing businesses, or even purchase a franchise business
  • Family Friendly: The spouse and minor children (under 21) of the main applicant may be included The spouse can work for the E-2 business or any other employer. The spouse and children (whilst still under 21) can attend college with an opportunity to enjoy in-state tuition fees
  • Can Sponsor: E-2 visa holders can sponsor specialized employees from their country of citizenship (who may or may not be, family members) to work in their E-2 business
  • Controllable: The E-2 visa holder must be able to develop and direct the business, allowing them to ensure its success
  • Renewable: The E-2 visa may be renewed indefinitely - as long as the E-2 business maintains profitable operations
  • Tax Planning: An E-2 visa holder can spend up to 122 days in the USA without being subject to worldwide income taxation
  • Please do not hesitate to contact as and we can give more info about Citizenship with a Passport