VC Investment opportunity

Finnish R&D company is looking for investors

Updated 1 Aug 2020

Our client, a biotech company in Finland is looking for venture capital to fund a new clinical trial in children and to accelerate R&D activities in order to develop a diagnostic test kit for mild traumatic brain injury.

The pre-money valuation:

  • Around 8.9 M€
  • Minimum investment 2800 € (500 shares)
  • Share price 5.60 €

The test - detecting a biomarker in a non-invasive sample (urine or saliva) - will address a TBI point of care (POC) diagnostics market that's estimated to exceed €2 billion annually

Large customer potential and variable clients.

Current Finnish company valuation is ca. 8.9 M€.

Investor has an exit opportunity if the company is listing on First North at Nasdaq Helsinki (to be considered by the BOD when the valuation is above 10 M€).

A team of four people keeps the costs low and the organization lean.

Using professional sub-contractors with qualified track record

Investments will be used for the clinical trial and product development.

Basic development including pre-clinical trial and proof-of-concept human testing has been done.

Patent applications and PCT have been filed.

Exciting Company, won twice an innovation prize.

The company in Finland is currently running a larger clinical trial to (up to 160 patients) to validate the clinical relevance of the biomarkers. Patient recruitment for the first part (total 69 patients) is completed. The recruitment was carried out in three Finnish hospitals: Tyks, Satakunta Central Hospital, Vaasa Central Hospital.

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