Buying & Living in Spain


Official information for British citizens moving to or living in Spain need to know, including guidance on residency, healthcare and passports


Aug 2021 

FAQS - Frequently Asked Questions

TRADEK Properties and our real estate sellers will help you in the process of buying real estate, you will not be left alone. We guide you until all aspects are done in the safe, correct way

  • You need a NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) a Spanish Tax number, to purchase a real estate in Spain
  • You need a Spanish Bank Account in order to pay your utilities bills etc
  • Freehold Property - Your property is your own, you become the owner
  • House - You own the land and the house. When you buy a house you also own the land the house it sits upon
  • Apartment - You own the walls, ceiling, floor and balconies that belong to the property you purchased

Please note the information provided in this page is of general interest only and is not to be construed or intended as substitute for professional legal advice. Laws and tax rates change over time, so this information may be out of date. Please consult a tax specialist or the tax authorities for the latest information. There are no guarantees that this information is correct and up-to-date, so you use this information at your own risk.