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Antigua is an independent twin island state with its sister island Barbuda located in the Eastern Caribbean north of the equator. The capital, largest port and city is St. John’s in Antigua

TRADEK – Investment Immigration Agents Handles Citizenship with Passport Cases with Real Estate Investments in Antigua

Contact us and we’ll take you to look at the available investment properties in this area, both KeyReady and New Build as well as those under construction. We walk you through the construction process and show you every detail of the building and the Citizenship Process

Click or hover over the green “CONTACT US” widget on the left to communicate with one of our sales managers about the available investment properties here in Antigua
We can also book live or virtual appointments for prospective purchasers to view the projects, properties or land and go through all details of the Citizenship and Passport application process

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Tel: +1 239 3421 148 

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Get in touch with us and we arrange a meeting where you can discuss different details about Citizenship & Residency with our independent lawyer

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