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Request Updated: 7 October 2020

City Hotels Wanted

In capitals of Federal States / Transport Hubs / Near Business Districts / Near Public Transports / Near Train Station Hubs / Near Airports

Countries: Europe Metropol Cities 

Our client is interested in city hotels in the various strategic locations in Europe (capitals of Federal states,transport hubs, MICE destinations). 
The hotel micro location preferences include close vicinity to the citycentre and/or business district(s), great accessibility (next to public transport stops and/or in close proximityto the main railway station/airport area), in proximity to the extensive MICE facilities. 

Furthermore, he wouldalso pay attention to hotels integrated into mixed-use development projects. 
It is worth noting that theabove criteria include other locations, if an opportunity to acquire a distressed property is available. 
good example of such special situation case would be consideration of the court auction or direct salefrom creditors of a distressed asset.

Our client is mostly looking for mid-market (3 - 4* stars) or basic 5* star properties with over 100 hotel rooms,which could be rebranded and repositioned after the acquisition. 

However, client realize that in someleisure destinations it would be difficult to find properties with above 100 rooms, and therefore, hewould still consider properties starting with 80-85 keys. 

Our client could also consider non-hotel properties,which are suited for conversion into hotels and have necessary permits to do so.

Type of acquisition targets:
Client seeks to acquire:
  1. Undervalued properties
  2. Properties in distress situation
  3. Propertieswith unrealized upside potential

Depending on each case, he unlock additional value by taking an active asset management role. 

This includes, taking over of the hotel if required, acquiring existing lease contracts, restructuring of theexisting financial obligations (refinancing), conducting property renovation and upgrade, and providingrebranding solutions either in-house or via international third-party branding.

Budgetary Constraints:

He would like to underscore that the acquisition size is not the deciding factor, however, based on investment experience he prefer medium-size investments starting from several million and up to EUR 30 million of the total investment, including equity and financing. 

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