About TRADEK Properties

Your Global Partner For Your Global Real Estate Investment

Clas Kock

Co-Founder / Real Estate Sales

ck @ tradekproperties.com

+358 44 500 8095 Tel & Whatsapp  

WeChat ID: Tradek-Real-Estate

Marina Kock

Co-Founder / Accounts

mk @ tradekproperties.com

+358 50 4757 444 Tel & Whatsapp  

Contact Clas for a virtual or online meeting. With our colleagues from building companies and real estate firms we will answer all questions you have

Specialized in Brand New Build Properties


TRADEK Properties are specialized to sell, market and promote new construction, new build properties directly from developers to international buyers.

Currently we have new built properties for sale in Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Antigua and Grenada Caribbean. We got also some offers of luxury resales in Monaco and Southern France. 

In Cyprus, Greece and Spain we have also resales or secondary homes for sale. We offer the largest listing network available, so please get in touch. 

Clas Kock and associates are also active on the local real estate market in Finland with Nyman LKV offering properties for sale in the Ostrobothnia region of Finland. When you have a property you want to sell in Finland, please contact us. 

** TRADEK is registered in Finland with business ID 14313518 and dba as TRADEK Properties. Address for sales and visits are welcomed at Runebergsgatan 8 and administration and accounts at Kaningholmsvagen 71. *Countries with a * indicates our associated partner local sales offices in each country.