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TradeK Properties 

TradeK Properties is an independent Real Estate Agency engaged in provision of Real Estate Marketing and Real Estate Promotion Services for properties for sale in countries of Cyprus, Greece, Antigua and Grenada Caribbean providing integrated services to the global real estate buyers and its target audience, including real estate developments and property management from its partners.

Our advantage lies in our role to combine several investment properties into one deal and offer customers a suitable investment portfolio for greater rental income and high ROI.
Working with experienced project developers and owners on these markets we achieve great satisfaction for the buyer.
Combining 2 suitable properties to achieve the government required Citizenship or Residency Permit amount is found to be important factor among the buyers

We work with global clients on all matters relating to property and construction works in Greece, Cyprus, Grenada and Antigua providing our valued clients with all the Citizenship or Residency goals and opportunities the real estate sector has to offer.

One of the simplest pathways to Residency and Citizenship with a Second Passport in a European or Caribbean country is to invest in real estate which we offer by purchasing this property.
We have a professional staff of lawyers who offer help with the application process for your convenience

By purchasing real estate for at least the value of the government required amount, the investor can obtain a residence permit or citizenship in that country

These programs are often referred to as the Greek or Cyprus Golden Visa Program.
The citizenship programs and the residence permit offer great advantages to the resident and allow the applicant to travel more easily.
Citizenship programs often offer visa-free travel to hundreds of countries

At TRADEK Properties we focus on programs for residency offered by governments in Greece and Cyprus.
For Citizenship programs giving a second Passport, we focus on the Caribbean countries of Antigua and Grenada that offers the best value for the money

In Europe, the countries of Greece and Cyprus, we specialize in real estate under government RBI programs for properties located in regions with high demand in the rental sector.

In short, we supply real estate suitable with great ROI for renting out, offering the investor a high return on the investment, often a ROI between 4-8%

In many cases, we already have tenants for the property and can provide the investor with a guaranteed rental income from the start, providing the buyer a quick return on the investment


Need Residency or Citizenship? As Investment Immigration Agent For Properties In Grenada, Antigua, Cyprus and Greece we are here to answer all your questions of our government approved immigration and investment projects under the Citizenship and Residency Permit programs in these regions Read More >>

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